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Jun 26, 2020

In this episode Mr.Styles talks about Racist Syrup and Gay Sponge Bob also Rashad Books and Uncle P White rice. In the top 10 Real nigga countdown we countdown Top 10 Game shows. 

Jun 15, 2020

The Lounge return after a few weeks off. Mr.Styles and Prez hop right  into George Floyd and the Protest. Also Candace Owens,Starbucks,Cancel cop shows, taking Elmer Fudd's gun,Takashi 69 and Nikki . Plus Real Nigga Sports, And we Countdown the Top 10 Real Nigga Drug Dealers. 

    Apr 13, 2020

    Mr.Styles holds it down in the lounge by him self this week. This week we talk about Stimulus checks drop,black people still playing with the roro. Plus the segments wtf white people doing,weed news,faded and X-Rated

    Apr 6, 2020

    This week on the show we are trying not to lose or damn minds with everything that's going on. This week we jump in on the Corona Virus yes once again,Six9 out of jail,Samuel L Jackson reads Stay The F Home, Condom Shortage and the bitch Carole Baskin. Plus the Segments Weed News,Wtf White People Doing and Faded...

    Mar 30, 2020

    This week Mr.Styles and Prez are joined by K-Dub. for the 3rd straight week more Corona talk. We also get into Netflix The Tiger King and all its  craziness. also your fav segments Wtf White People Doing,Fadded and feeling X-Rated,Real Nigga Sports and F-U Friday